Round-the-clock monitoring and protection of your organisation's networks, systems, and data to improve your security posture and meet compliance at a lower TCO.

Human-machine teaming in its true sense with state-of-the-art technology. A suite of operational capabilities such as escalation and response, vulnerability assessment and Automated Actionable Intelligence all in one unified platform driven by experts.

Continuous monitoring Icon

Continuous monitoring

24x7x365 around the globe active monitoring

Predictive Protection Icon

Predictive Protection

Our predictive and automated approach to security with Automated Threat Intelligence provides increased threat prevention

Incident response Icon

Incident response

  • Optimize existing security systems
  • Post-incident reports and audit trails

SIEM/Log management Icon

SIEM/Log management

  • 18+ months/ customisable extended log retention allowing for better incident management and peace of mind to meet compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Event Correlation
  • Log Management

Achieve Compliance Icon

Achieve Compliance

24x7 expert SecOps available for continuous monitoring your networks and systems for security threats, incident response and mitigating any identified threats.

Comprehensive Security Icon

Comprehensive Security

Delivering a complete security operations solution running on a single platform, no need for various products from multiple vendors to build your own SOC.

Advanced Reporting Icon

Advanced Reporting

  • Comprehensive Compliance reports
  • C-Suite reports
  • Custom reports

Cloud Monitoring Icon

Cloud Monitoring


Proactive Threat Hunting Icon

Proactive Threat Hunting

Integrated threat intelligence across your environment for greater insight and proof of conviction.

Lower TCO with Automated Actionable Intelligence from a world class threat hunting team and only CTA member in the APAC region.

Red Piranha takes a holistic approach with human-machine teaming to SOC as a service, providing organizations with 24/7, end-to-end security coverage so they can be at peace knowing every serious attempt to breach their systems is detected and thwarted.

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