Red Piranha is one of the few security organisations with ISO 27001 and CREST Certifications to demonstrate that our processes, tools, and systems adhere to a recognised framework.

We only hire the most experienced security experts with intimate knowledge of the latest vulnerabilities and attack methods to make sure you get the most out of the security testing. Our team of certified and accredited security professionals deliver a full range of security testing services customisable to meet specific testing needs. 

To learn what makes Red Piranha’s Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Services stand among the best in the industry, click here.

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Red Piranha security risk assessment & audit services offer a comprehensive, business-driven approach to evaluating your cybersecurity maturity level based on your business operations and risk profile. The maturity model provides you with a simple, pragmatic approach to evaluate your current security maturity and identify targeted areas for improvement.

Our team of in-house certified assessors and auditors combine control requirements from well-known frameworks to create a consolidated model which addresses the most critical security domains and capabilities, so you can meet today’s risk-focused demands.

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Red Piranha's Cybersecurity Review (CSR) service is designed to prepare you and mitigate the unexpected - evaluating your current level of readiness / exposure, then providing a roadmap that’s both cost-effective and easy to implement.

The security reviews are delivered by our team of certified security professionals and tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Red Piranha’s global team of highly qualified and certified security and compliance experts deliver our extensive range of security services. Coupled with our ISO 27001 certified security operations for the Crystal Eye Platform, you can obtain a solid foundation to meet your compliance requirements and automatically protect, detect, and respond to evolving threats.

Crystal Eye’s machine learning capabilities provide automation of routine tasks such as traffic monitoring and network analysis which allows time to focus on priority tasks that require human intervention such as meeting compliance requirements. Red Piranha is one of only a few security organisations with a fully ISO 27001 certified process to ensure delivery of the highest quality of service, giving you the confidence and peace of mind, you’re partnering with the right team.

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With an eCISO™ or vCISO shouldering your security planning and reporting responsibilities, you and your team are free to focus on more strategic activities instead of putting out fires.

A dedicated CISO with cutting-edge technology, complemented by remote consulting, seamlessly integrated with our Crystal Eye-Consolidated Security Platform, helps develop a detailed information security program and produce in-depth compliance reports.

Red Piranha offers two types of CISO packages delivered through our ISO 27001 certified security operations centres tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.

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Cyberattacks don’t differentiate between organisation industry, type or size. Everyone is a target and vulnerable to attacks like phishing, social engineering and ransomware, and we’re all only as strong as our weakest link. How would your organisation be impacted if your sensitive data was lost or stolen or your systems shut down, and you were unable to conduct business?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training is no longer optional. Helping your team protect themselves and your business from potentially massive financial losses and reputational damage is essential. Regardless of the framework, standard or best practice; keeping staff informed of security threats is a win-win scenario.

We offer general security awareness training and tailored programs to suit your needs.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a strategic partnering service that provides Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) capabilities that take on the responsibility for managing the critical functions of protecting, detecting and responding to security events in your IT environment.

Few organisations have enough qualified staff to continually monitor network traffic, analyse events to identify real threats and then effectively prevent an attack. Therefore, it makes sense to outsource this specialised function to experts with the right knowledge, experience and capability.

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Most teams struggle to identify incidents accurately because of the sheer volume of traffic and events on the network, which leads to information overload and false positives.

Coordinating an organisation-wide response when a serious incident occurs can also be difficult, with people unsure of what action to take, which can lead to an additional issues arising.

Implementing a tried and tested incident response plan means you can respond swiftly and effectively when things go wrong.

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Threat detection involves identifying potential threats and is primarily done by the SecOps teams. This typically includes collating and sending information to a centralised log management system, commonly known as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and analysing it for irregularities.

Investigation is the process of analysing and evaluating the alerts generated during the threat detection phase to determine the nature and scope of the threat. This includes filtering false positives, identifying the root cause of the infection, assessing the potential impact and determining the appropriate course of action, leading to increased actionability.

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Get round-the-clock monitoring and protection of your organisation's networks, systems, and data to improve your security posture and meet compliance at a fraction of the cost.

Human-machine teaming in its true sense with state-of-the-art technology. A suite of operational capabilities such as escalation and response, vulnerability assessment and automated actionable intelligence all in one unified platform driven by experts.

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