Red Piranha’s MSP Partner Assurance Program is our highest partner level,
designed to secure MSPs and gives Crystal Eye XDR customers confidence in their supply chain. 

Cyber threat actors look for any way into organisations, including through their suppliers and partners.

  • Supply chain attacks are on the rise as cybercriminals are increasingly targeting them.
  • Cybercriminals look to exploit MSPs remote access technologies. From there, they have remote access to multiple customer networks where they can install ransomware. 
  • MSPs and other third parties become a supply chain risk which needs to be managed.
  • As an MSP, give your customers assurance that you're secure and stand out from the crowd. 
  • Customers are starting to deal with third party risk in their own compliance programs and seeking out suppliers and service providers who can prove they have sufficient risk management programs and meet best practises.