Managed Next-Generation Firewall

Crystal Eye Next- Generation FirewallThreats are continually evolving.
Security defences must innovate to stay ahead.

Crystal Eye Next-Generation Firewall is an advanced security platform which features a range of integrated solutions to secure your organisation from the cloud to the endpoint.


  • Security incidents are becoming more complex and more commonplace. Many organisations struggle to implement effective security protection and often don’t know where to start.
  • Running a complete security program currently requires a mix from multiple products with significant integration effort. This leaves most organisations needing to compromise on their security or being left with poorly-configured systems that aren’t providing effective protection.

A complete cybersecurity solution that delivers the full features of a next-generation firewall plus integrated threat detection and incident response.

Comprehensive Security

Crystal Eye delivers a complete security solution in a single platform,
eliminating the need for separate products from multiple vendors.

Highest Performance

Running the latest Intel processers on our made-to-order hardware,
we deliver the highest-performance Next-Generation Firewall appliances available on the market. *

* See our True Security Throughput (TST) scores

Simple Deployment & Management

With all your security technologies on the one platform,
deployment is streamlined and our simplified managed services let you get on with business.

Cost-Effective Solution

A unified platform delivers a complete cybersecurity program
with a lower total cost of ownership to suit your budget.

Next-Generation Firewall - A Comprehensive Solution

  • A more progressive approach to security is required to overcome these issues with a simple, unified platform that can effectively protect, detect and respond to threats across your whole organisation.
  • This requires a single platform from a trusted vendor who can deliver a suite of security products that can be used across the entire business including advanced firewalls (with integrated IPS, secure web gateway and secure email gateway) plus vulnerability management, incident response and integrated risk management.
Crystal Eye Next-Generation Firewall
Crystal Eye Next-Generation Firewall offers integrated security controls
Crystal Eye secures your organisation from the cloud to the endpoint with a range of advanced security technologies.

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The Crystal Eye Next-Generation Firewall integrates into a range of other products to form the Crystal Eye Total Security Platform, including the following:

Crystal Eye Orchestrate

CE Orchestrate is the central management console that allows for monitoring and tuning of the Crystal Eye platform from a single interface for single and multi-tenanted scenarios at scale. Much more than just a dashboard – it’s the central component in delivering Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) across your environment which enables you to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data.







Vulnerability Management

Threat Intelligence

Endpoints Protection

Orchestrate Dashboard
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