Network Detection and Response

Crystal Eye On-premise appliances come in 3 form factors:
  • Desktop
  • 1RU
  • 2RU
There is also a data center hardware product designed to occupy a single PCIe slot in a 2RU enclosure targeted at high-density and high-performance rack/compute environments.
Red Piranha is available as a cloud-native virtual appliance for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and ESXi environments.

Our integrated platform approach avoids the pain of integrating disparate systems. It gives you direct on-demand access to our 'village' of security professionals through Human Machine Teaming to Protect Detect and Respond 24x7.

Crystal Eye Network Detection and Response services can be deployed in line or out of band with minimal infrastructure changes, offering significantly lower TCO on world-class detection technology, integrated CTI and on-demand Threat Hunting and response capability.

Additionally, it provides organisations with or without specialists to maintain forensic assurances through real-time threat detection capability using multiple detection methods and supports hunting, forensic and response workflows for best-in-breed NDR.